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Steve Schuck (Parents Challenge) on the value of educational freedom.


Colorado pediatricians, teachers ask state to encourage masks in school

Several Colorado medical groups and the state’s teachers unions have asked Gov. Jared Polis to encourage unvaccinated people — including children — to continue wearing masks in schools as part of a broader strategy to contain COVID.


Hard-fought victory for charter schools

When history looks back upon the coronavirus period and its effect upon schools, one redeeming aspect may be the spotlight that’s been cast upon parental choice in all its forms.  Poll after poll  after poll after poll suggests...

EAC Note:  We contributed 40K emails


Dialogue needed between health regulators, schools - Rob Moulton

Like all schools, charter schools like those that have chosen to be part of the Education Alliance of Colorado (EAC) have carefully monitored the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The many requirements and restrictions that have come from both state and local authorities over the past year have often caused...


Melissa Youseff and Jim Griffin

Amid all the noise and drama of the November presidential election, readers may have missed the full significance of the recent Durango School District 9R bond vote, also on November 3.  That voters approved a bond raising $90 million...

Colorado Charter School Enrollment Bill - Erica Breunlin

A bill is coming that would change enrollment rules for Colorado charter schools. Could it also deter more from opening? Rep. Shannon Bird plans to introduce legislation that would revamp the application and appeals processes for charter schools. Education groups fear the changes single out charters...


Broad Coalition Urges Congress to Fund All Public Schools Students Fairly

Today, a broad coalition of 70 organizations from across the country sent a letter to Congressional leadership and respective members of Congress, urging they treat all public school students equally by...


EAC Meets with El Paso Public Health

On Thursday 4/1 representatives from the EAC met with representatives from the El Paso County Health Department to discuss mandates, recommendations and the balance between medical and mental health for our kids..  Click to link to see the video (01:43)


Step up and serve as a sub — for kids’ sake - Trevor Miller

This year’s biggest headline may not be COVID-19 but the growing social divide. Social media is described as brutal and unhealthy. We have become cautious in virtually every social encounter. We are uncomfortable looking each other in the eye at the grocery store. Even kitchen counter conversations...


POINT | COVID response forsakes Colorado's kids - Luke Ragland

The academic, mental, and physical health of Colorado’s children have not been prioritized during the pandemic. As a result, we are irreparably damaging an entire generation of children and dramatically exacerbating inequities in our society that will have impacts for decades to come.  Despite good intentions...


IN RESPONSE:  Choice is key to charters' success - Rob Moulton

Paula Noonan, a consistent anti-school choice/anti-charter voice in Colorado, weighed in with several interesting statements in a recent column ("NOONAN | Charter schools, ed reform overrated," Dec. 10). First, she said that charter school advocates have created a “versus” mentality when it....