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Who We Are

The Education Alliance of Colorado is a coalition of charter schools

and parents working together to support and protect educational

freedom in Colorado. We believe that education is a partnership

between schools and families, and that unified engagement between

these groups is the key to long-term success and healthy public

policy that supports parental choice, school autonomy, and

academic excellence.


The Alliance is not a philosophical interest group. It is a voluntary,

nonpartisan confederation that seeks to represent and amplify

the voices of parents and their chosen schools for the purpose of

supporting policy that ensures every child has access to the kind of

high-quality education that fits him or her best.

To support and protect educational freedom through public policy that enhances parental choice and preserves the academic, administrative, and philosophical independence of Colorado schools.

That all Colorado parents have the information and ability to access a high-quality education, and that Colorado schools remain free to pursue and provide educational excellence using all tools at their disposal—curriculum, pedagogy, personnel, and administration.

What We Do

The Alliance works to ensure that its engagement is relentlessly focused on the issues that matter most to member schools and the parents they serve. When it comes to determining how and when to act, the Alliance relies on a consistent set of guiding principles:

Guiding Principles of Engagment

Mission Alignment: The Alliance will only engage on policy issues that align with its mission to support high-quality educational options through public policy that preserves and enhances the academic, administrative, and philosophical freedom of Colorado schools.

Realistic and Valuable Contribution: The Alliance will engage on policy issues only to the extent that it has the capacity to do so, and only to the extent its contribution can reasonably be expected to advance or strengthen an effort to achieve goals in alignment with the organization’s mission.

Demonstrable Impact: The Alliance will engage only on policy issues that will demonstrably impact its students, families, or member schools.

Philosophical Consistency: To provide a good example to students and parents alike, the Alliance will seek to ensure that all policy engagement is consistent with member schools’ philosophies, beliefs, and core virtues.

United Front: Prior to engagement on any policy issue, the Alliance will seek agreement among member schools regarding position, substance, and messaging so it can present a united front.

Unapologetic Defense: The Alliance will unapologetically defend member schools and the families they serve and from policies or other efforts that could undermine, disrupt, or damage educational opportunity.

Permanent Interests: The Alliance has no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in the policy space, only permanent interests aligned with preserving and enhancing educational options in Colorado. The organization will work with its partners and allies in every situation possible, but the interests of its member schools and the families they serve must always be primary.

2019 Founding Schools

The Classical Academy

Colorado Military Academy

Golden View Classical Academy

James Irwin Charter Academy

Loveland Classical Schools

Monument Academy

Mountain View Academy

New Summit Charter Academy

Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning

Rocky Mountain Classical Academy

Thomas MacLaren School

The Vanguard School



Rob Moulton

Rob served two terms on the Board of Directors of The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs from 2015 to 2021; as Treasurer (2 yrs) and Chairman (4 yrs).  He is a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies (2018), and an Entrepreneur who runs a Data Integration Services company he started in 2006.  Rob enjoys road cycling, working on his Factory Five Roadster, and spending quality time with his family.

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